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Grinders, selectors, sifters and services for the treatment of powders


Founded in 1998

Located in Ancenis, in the Loire Atlantique region, in an efficient and fast-growing industrial site, it is easily accessible either by freeway or by the TGV West Paris-Nantes line.

Technopoudre is at the service of industries, laboratories and companies with applications for the treatment of powders.

The different techniques developed by our company allow to solve all the problems of reduction or granulometric cuts.

The equipment we offer can meet your needs, from a simple device to complete industrial installations, including mobile laboratory or semi-industrial stations. The sectors of activity to which we can offer our services are minerals, chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, foodstuffs and in general, wherever powders are used.

Our solutions incorporate the latest machine safety standards for personnel protection and dust emissions.

Technopoudre has developed a commercial and technical policy, which consists in adapting to the needs of its customers.

Our solutions


Explosion-proof solutions


Low-temperature or temperature-controlled installations


Inerted facilities


Re-conditioning of existing installations in order to standardize them

Dynamic and competent

Constant innovation

Its efficient design office, boosted by a competent team, gives Technopoudre a policy of constant innovation allowing it to develop new equipment to meet the latest needs for the reduction and particle size selection of powders in dry phase.

Our test station, managed by our research and development department, is constantly evolving and is equipped with the latest equipment from the Technopoudre range. And if necessary, we can provide custom services.

Technopoudre has workshops to ensure the manufacture, assembly and testing of its devices.

We also provide installation, wiring, start-up and training of personnel on site for our industrial installations.