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Privacy Policy


The Publisher: The person, natural or legal, who publishes the online public communication services. The Site: All sites, web pages and online services offered by the Publisher. The User: The person using the Site and the services.

1- Nature of the data collected

In the course of using the Sites, the Publisher may collect the following categories of data about its Users: Connection data (IP addresses, event logs…) 3- Prior information for the communication of personal data to third parties in the event of a merger / absorption Prior information and opt-out possibility before and after the merger / acquisition In the event that we become involved in a merger, acquisition or other form of asset transfer, we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data and to informing you before your personal data is transferred or subjected to new privacy rules. 5- Collection of identity data
Free consultation
Consultation of the Site does not require registration or prior identification. It can be done without you providing any personal data about yourself (name, first name, address, etc.). We do not record any personal data for the simple consultation of the Site. 7- Collection of terminal data Collection of profiling and technical data for service delivery purposes Some of your device’s technical data is collected automatically by the Site. This information includes your IP address, Internet Service Provider, hardware configuration, software configuration, browser type and language… The collection of this data is necessary for the provision of the services. Collection of technical data for advertising, commercial and statistical purposes The technical data of your device are automatically collected and recorded by the Site, for advertising, commercial and statistical purposes. This information helps us personalize and continually improve your experience on our Site. We do not collect or store any personal data (name, first name, address…) that may be attached to a technical data. The data collected may be sold to third parties. 9 – Conservation of technical data
Duration of technical data retention
The technical data are kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned above. 11- Deleting the account
Deletion of the account on request
User may delete his or her Account at any time by simply requesting the Publisher OR by using the Account deletion menu in the Account settings if applicable.
Account deletion for violations of the Privacy Policy
If you violate any provision(s) of the Privacy Policy or any other document incorporated herein by reference, Publisher reserves the right to terminate or restrict, without prior notice and in its sole discretion, your use of and access to the Services, your account and all Sites. 13- Transfer of personal data abroad
No transfer outside the European Union
The Publisher undertakes not to transfer the personal data of its Users outside the European Union. 14- Modification of the privacy policy
In the event of a change to this Privacy Policy, a commitment not to lower the level of privacy substantially without prior notification of the individuals concerned
We will inform you of any material changes to this Privacy Policy, and will not lower the level of confidentiality of your data substantially without informing you and obtaining your consent. 15- Applicable law and methods of appeal
Arbitration clause
You expressly agree that any dispute that may arise as a result of this Privacy Policy, including its interpretation or enforcement, shall be subject to arbitration under the rules of the mutually agreed upon arbitration platform, to which you shall unconditionally agree.