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TPS TECHNOPOUDRE Classifiers are dynamic devices designed to perform a granulometric cut on raw, mixed or ground products.

It is characterized by its high cutting efficiency, its reduced number of internal parts and its possibility of construction with a monoblock body avoiding multiple joint planes, thus allowing an easier cleaning.

TPS devices can continuously select the particle size of the product with the possibility of recycling the coarse particles in a mill.
The separation limit is a function of the balance between the centrifugal force and a centripetal air force exerted on the particle.

The adjustment of the TPS is very simple and allows to optimize the cuts by simple speed variation. An adjustable device is provided to achieve high selection yields. All dynamic selection functions are grouped in an easily removable and adjustable off-line selection head.

The granulometric cuts are also related to the intrinsic characteristics of the product (shape, density…).

TPS can make selections from 10 to 200┬Ám depending on the products to be processed.

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