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The Clod crusher TPE was designed primarily for pharmaceutical applications.

Its design makes it a device that meets the most demanding FDA and GMP criteria. Its crushing performance has led Technopoudre to develop it for all other applications

Its main assets are:

In addition, this device is very versatile, so it can meet different needs in terms of trimming. Different equipments exist such as knife rotor, with or without counter knives, spiral rotor, finger rotor,… The same is true for the sieving grids, a multitude of perforations allows to obtain the desired granulometric cuts, on certain “easy” products, the diameter of the holes can go down to 2 mm.

The materials used and the internal finishes depend on the application and are very varied. For the pharmaceutical industry, the most common material is 316L with a RA 0.2 finish for all parts in contact with the product. For corrosive or abrasive products, other more suitable materials can be used, which is why it is important to define the characteristics of the product to be treated when defining the equipment.

The operation is simple, the product is fed from the top and received from the bottom. On this unit, the best performance is obtained when the unit is under load. Depending on the equipment, the product is worked by crushing, shearing or with a combination of both actions.

The adjustment parameters, according to the granulometry to be obtained and by integrating the characteristics of the product to be fed, will be the choice of the internal equipment (rotor, grid…) in combination with the rotation speed.

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